Cocktale's philosophy is to only use handselected ingredients which you can find at a high-end cocktail bar. Along with our philosophy Cocktales are produced without any additives and have no expiry date.

COCKTALE is the only company where bottled cocktails are handcrafted by a studied physicist and a certified mixologist.

While studying physics and computer science, Ludwig successfully opened and ran a cocktail bar in the heart of Munich. In the meantime Christian gained experience in the most luxurious hotels all over the world. He expirienced that even the best hotels face a common challenge: cocktails ordered through In Room Dining never arrive in the aticipated quality in the guest rooms. Cocktails traditionally served without ice, become too warm and cocktails served with ice, dilute completely.

In 2017, Ludwig and Christian combined their knowledge of mixology, physics and luxury hotels. They founded COCKTALE with the intention of developing a professional product for the minibar and in-room dining. Having in mind that true connoisseurs appreciate the perfect cocktail also at home. Yet the hindering factor are the countless ingredients and time for preparation. Cocktale combines the knowledge, the perfect ingredients and creates the essential atmosphere to indulge in the perfect cocktail moment at home.

COCKTALE produces nine different high-quality bottled cocktails with purposefully hand-selected established upmarket brands in a practical 100 ml single-serve flacon. The Cocktales are very elegantly balanced in taste in order to create crowd pleasers.

Cocktales are more than products. They intentiantly transport the whole bar expirience to where ever Cocktales are served. With this in mind the labels are designed to reflect the quintessence of the bar in combination with its social and emotional environment. Personalised tales on the sides of each Cocktale imitate a stimulating bar conversation. More importantly, each Cocktale comes with a Spotify and Apple Music playlist reflecting each Cocktale's character: Martini with classical music, Negroni with Italian hits, Boulevardier with French chansons, Old Fashioned with Jazz and many more. But we invite you to find it out yourself

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Perfect Margarita Tequila Bottled Cocktail Martini Gin Wermut Bottled Cocktail Old Fashioned Bourbon Whiskey Whisky classic Bottled Cocktail Acai Martini Gin fruchtiger suesser Bottled Cocktail Negroni Gin Campari Wermut Bottled Cocktail Boulevardier Bourbon Whiskey Whisky Campari Wermut Bottled Cocktail Perfect Manhattan Whiskey Whisky Campari Wermut Bottled Cocktail Cognac Whiskey Whisky Fancy Demanding Wermut Bottled Cocktail Espresso Martini Vodka Kaffee Coldbrew Bottled Cocktail

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